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Property Details:

Price: $11,995,000

Estimated Annual Income: $343,951

Property Type: Mixed Use

Lot Dimensions (ft): 49.33 x 100.0

Lot Area: 1,106 sq. ft.

Building Dimensions (ft): 24.0 x 41.0

Building Area: 5,020 sq. ft.


Block/Lot: 00693/0037

BIN: 1078399

Building Class: C7

Stories: 4

Total Units: 2

Corner Lot: Yes

Buildings on Lot: 3

Year Built: 1910

Landmark: none

Has Garage: no

Year Last Altered: 1982

Residential Units: 7

Residential Area: 6513 sq. ft.

Zoning: C6-2

Floor Area Ratio:

Max FAR: 6.5

Useable Floor Area: 10,344 sq. ft.

FAR as Built: 2.1


Neighborhood: Chelsea

Historic District: n/a

Community District: 104

School District: 2

Census Tract: 99

504 West 22 Street

504 West 22nd Street is a townhouse comprised of a duplex ground floor retail space with a luxurious owners triplex above. No details were spared on this elevatored townhouse, which features the highest level of design and finishes as well as a coveted roof deck overlooking the High Line. Located in the heart of West Chelsea, this townhouse is an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to live and work in a prospering neighborhood with residential rents as high as $100/SF and condominium sales of over $3,000/SF.

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