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Property Details:

Price: $4,000,000

Estimated Annual Income: $ Inquire

Property Type: Commercial

Lot Dimensions (ft): 40.0 x 127.0

Lot Area: 4,944 sq. ft.

Building Dimensions (ft): 37.0 x 80.0

Building Area: 5,316 sq. ft.


Block/Lot: 01320/0030

BIN: 4542660

Building Class: K2

Stories: 2

Total Units: 2

Corner Lot: Yes

Buildings on Lot: 1

Year Built: 2005

Landmark: none

Has Garage: no

Year Last Altered: n/a

Residential Units: 0

Residential Area: 0 sq. ft.

Zoning: R6

Floor Area Ratio:

Max FAR: 4.8

Useable Floor Area: 5,316 sq. ft.

FAR as Built: 1.08


Neighborhood: Sunnyside Gardens

Historic District: n/a

Community District: 402

School District: 30

Census Tract: 253.02

5130 - 5134 Roosevelt Avenue

Eastern Consolidated is pleased to announce that it has been retained on an exclusive basis to arrange for the sale of 51-30 Roosevelt Avenue. The Property is Located on the border of Sunnyside and Woodside, two major residential neighborhoods with an extraordinary location: on the southwest corner of Roosevelt Avenue and 52nd Street, in front of the 52nd Street Lincoln Avenue 7-Line Train Station. Built in 2005, the Property contains a restaurant/retail space on the ground floor, office space on the 2nd floor, a finished basement and an Elevator. There is also a parking lot on the side of the building, allowing for delivery trucks, or space enough for up to 4 parked cars. This parking lot can be subdivided and built upon, further increasing the value of the Property. The Property is also a participant in the Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program (ICIP) until June 30, 2034 (currently in Year 9 of 25).

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